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honestly? it's not just Nick's fault korra's ratings are down. the first two seasons were just not good, so naturally people got fed up and just stopped watching. and people saying how bryke "fixed" the issues of previous seasons (like the love triangles) is not true imo. the writing still seems rushed and awkward, and i'm sorry, one line between korra and asami is not realistic enough that they're now besties.


it’s not just Nick’s fault ratings are down, true. but it’s not just because of Korra’s low ratings why I think Nick doesn’t deserve Korra (if that’s what you’re referring to). Nick didn’t even deserve ATLA in my opinion. These are two excellent shows that deserve proper respect from their network, their prospective audience, and award show judges instead of just being written off as another Nickelodeon show for kids. the series goes WAY BEYOND any standards set by Nick, especially in its current state (we’re not talking the golden years when they had kick ass animated shows like Danny Phantom and My Life As a Teenage Robot) and the fact that Nickelodeon, yes Nickelodeon, this is Nickelodeon’s fault, has been so blatantly lax with Korra is disturbing. Between the unbelievable leaks we’ve had for ALL THREE books (not to mention the leaks for ATLA), the utter lack of quality advertisement to get the show out there, and all the time slot changes, (or lack of a time slot entirely, like the position we are currently in), Nickelodeon just does not deserve a show as ground-breaking as Korra, an awesome creative duo like Bryke and their team, or the resounding legacy of a show as momentous as Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Plus, I don’t know if you are stuck with the idea that Korra has to be just “more seasons of ATLA” or something and like most people you can’t accept that these are two separate but connected shows, you need to rewatch the first two books because they were great. Saying they’re “just not good”, while your opinion, is a serious over-simplification that is total bullshit in my opinion. Season one, while it had it’s problems with timing (it only had 12 seasons to span an ENTIRE Avatar’s journey because when they were writing it, they only signed up for one season) was really strong. We got an awesome WOC leading protagonist in a kick-ass action series (try and name more shows like that I dare you), a villain that was legitimately terrifying (and voiced by Steve Blum nonetheless!!!), and a story arc that was compelling. Yeah book two started out shaky but it truly had some great moments. Wan backstory where we discover the origins of the Avatar universe itself? AWESOME. Giant glowing Avatar Kaiju battle in the bay of Republic City??? AWESOME.

I don’t know what show you are watching, but Legend of Korra deserves better treatment from its network and I stand by that statement.